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Shipping Artwork, Auction Pieces, and Estate Items with Navis Tampa

Navis Pack & Ship has over 30 years’ experience handling a wide range of fine and priceless artwork of all shapes and sizes in addition to estate pieces and auction pieces. At Navis Tampa, we understand the unique packing & shipping needs of individuals and collectors, as well as organizations including large & notable estates, museums, art galleries, and auction houses.

Navis Tampa focuses on the packing and shipping of every type of art. We’ve got you covered when you’re shipping everything from a gallery of statues or a single painting, our packing methods are created to safeguard your items from shipment to delivery. Navis will ensure that your auction pieces, artwork, and estate pieces are delivered with the utmost professionalism and care. We take stock of each piece to be shipped and determine the best way to pack and protect each individual item during shipment. 

Our stellar record and attention to detail have earned us a reputation as the most reliable shippers in the business when it comes to artwork, auction pieces, and estates. Notable auction houses know that Navis Pack & Ship is the best choice to transport their delicate and priceless items. Not only do we offer unparalleled service, but you’ll also save time and money shipping with Navis Tampa as we endeavor to find you the best shipping rates. 

Estate shipping can be a major undertaking without the right help; estates often contain a wide variety of items with very different shipping needs. Navis Tampa will ensure that every item is perfectly packed, whether they're being shipped across the world to a single recipient or delivered locally to multiple locations. 

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