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We're the experts in Tampa, Florida when it comes to packing, shipping, crating and freight shipment services.

At our location in Tampa, we can pack and ship just about anything; we'll send it wherever you need it to go and get it there safely. We routinely ship large items, freight packages, artwork, antiques and much more, allowing you to skip the stress and effort involved in important shipments. Our knowledgeable staff has built years of experience building crates and packing fragile items like artwork that require extra care to ship.

Do you have a large or delicate item that requires careful packing to endure harsh shipping conditions? Are you in need of custom packing for your art, antique items, and furniture? If this is the case, Navis Pack & Ship is your best solution in Tampa, FL. Whether it's an heirloom of sentimental value, a large antique mirror, or simply an unwieldy, heavy object, Navis Tampa will pack your item with care and expert knowledge, ensuring that it arrives at its destination safely.

We offer packing and shipping services that aren't commonly available from mail and parcel centers, traditional shipping carriers, or moving services.  While other companies may not be able to meet your needs, our shipping experts can provide those unique services.

We can provide you with:

Customized Crating & Packing, Domestic & International Shipping Services, Freight and Specialty Shipping, a Wide Selection of Carriers to Choose from (UPS, USPS, FedEx, YRC, ABF, DHL), Packaging Supplies and Moving Supplies, and Local Pick-Up and Delivery Services.




We can ship anything, anywhere. You can trust our trained experts when it comes to shipping large items: freight items, valuables, & more.


We provide packing solutions for every shipping need. We specialize in fragile, large, and valuable items.


Our certified crating experts will determine the best crating options by evaluating the fragility of your items.


We provide a large range of freight options for industrial, residential, and small business needs. 


No hidden extras here: we'll provide you with an exact quote before you even begin shipping. 

Expert Help

You can expect a quick and helpful response to your inquiries and consistently professional service.


Perfect customized services and a friendly team!
These guys know how they do, and they do it P E R F E C T L Y !
I had specific needs, they took time to help me and they did their best for a fair price, lower than others.
Very nice owners.
I highly recommend!


I've been going here for a very long time. They've helped me numerous times with Ebay sales, and holiday deliveries. I would recommend them for all of your shipping needs.


I have used this Pack & Ship for years, every time they've served me quickly and professionally. This last time I'd brought in something for Ebay and woefully under estimated shipping, instead of charging me 100 they searched for a smaller box, was kind and patient and understanding and was able to drop cost by 40. I'm never going anywhere else and really appreciated the time they spent helping me. Thanks to their staff for really caring about my mistake and helping me.


I've been a customer with this Pack & Ship for almost 2 years now. The service I have received from both the owner and Dennis is nothing short of exceptional. I feel welcomed every time I visit and I trust them with my shipping and mailing needs. Their prices for mailboxes cannot be beaten---significantly cheaper than the UPS Store.Thanks, Navis Tampa!


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